Our Stories

If disabled people are to have autonomy over their own stories, amplifying our voice for a just society, there needs to be a shift in the theological and practical approaches within our communities towards inclusion as well as equipping disabled Believers within those communities to use their unique gifts and talents thereby contributing to a collective witness of a life that is valued.

Stories here are wide ranging and personal reflections that challenge a justice-driven and enabling faith community. Where available content can been download to use personally or in a group setting as and when you need them.

Darkened prison cell with a metal bed frame and a large photograph on the wall.
Photo by Jazz: S-21, Tuol Sleng interrogation centre Cambodia

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    For a number of reasons, not least the Wimbledon Finals, I have decided not to do an official blog this week.  Instead I thought I’d let this week’s articles in both the Oxford Times AND the Oxford Mail Online do the job for me.  It’s not that I’m lazy Blogger by any means, I just… Read more >