What’s Your Story?

A girl in a wheelchair with a man and elderly woman outside
Photo: Jazz

“A picture tells a story and the story conveys a thought. A thought produces an idea and the idea can build a movement.”

What’s your story? is a repository of stories, films and pictures from around the world from those that want to tell their stories… their way.

If you see a story that inspires you, then reach out to its creator. It’s only by connecting, sharing experiences and talking that we can change the world for good.

Who can Upload to What’s Your Story?

When you upload your story to Whats Your Story? you join a community of people from all over the world from a variety of abilities, backgrounds and cultures who want to share their stories of success, challenge, exclusion and desire to see things done differently. 

The only eligibility criteria for uploading your story is that you will identify as having a disability or impairment. Why? Because Small Voice Projects is about us telling the stories that matter… from our perspective… our way. 

Three women in front of a mural in Bolivia: one gesturing in sign, and two women in wheelchairs (one holding a camera).