Small Voice Projects is a user-led, global platform that collects stories and builds the capacity of those who want to be heard to tell their stories. Conceived as a resource supporting a social justice network, we aim to amplify the authentic voice of disabled people and thereby change perceptions on the reality of disability and a life being lived.

It is only by being visible and connected that we can break the cycle of isolation and build a movement of disabled people that influences for a fairer, just and more equal society.

We are not just creating stories. We are re-writing stories told about us

Blind woman in traditional costume speaking into a microphone. Next to her someone is holding an image of the number 2.
Photo: Jazz
Participant in data-driven advocacy workshop, Bangladesh

Values that underpin our stories are:

Inspire Action

Foster Community

Influence Change

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What’s your story?

Woman sitting at table videoing themselves on a smartphone
Photo: Jazz

What’s Your Story is a digital, disability user-led platform that enables non-professional and professional, writers, journalists and photographers and videographers – to take back control of what is written and said about disabled people and their experience.

Influence change in mainstream society and culture on how disabled people are perceived by sharing your stories, images and videos.

It is only by connecting with others with similar stories and experiences that together we change perceptions, and change society.

Dare to do it differently

“There is no excuse for parachuting storytellers into the lives of other people with no real knowledge of the wider context, simply because it’s their job.”

Participant from a Bond Disability and Development Group Workshop: Talking Disability, 2021

Find out why authentic storytelling is vital for changing perceptions of disability.

An inclusive approach to storytelling is possible!

African village scene. Woman standing in front of a traditional dwelling. A white man is taking a photograph of the woman.
Photo: Jazz
Village outside Chipata, Eastern Province of Zambia


Our Stories

These stories are where Small Voice Projects started. Short stories, funny stories, stories that shouldn’t be heard, but are told anyway and often inspired by a single image.

Dark room with a window and bed frame (no bedding)
Photo: Jazz
Cell in Toul Sleng Detention Centre, Cambodia

Work with Us

Group of people sitting around a man dispensing medication.
Photo: Jazz
Village health clinic, Kassala, Eastern Sudan

Small Voice Projects is a not-for-profit resource with a vision to facilitate, connect and strengthen the voice of the unheard and unseen… but differently.

Our approach is co-production. Our partnerships and programmes are with disabled people in the lead and are chosen for the potential they have to effect social change and community impact and learning.