Content Guidelines 

“We want to encourage healthy challenge, debate and positive calls to action.”

Small Voice Projects wants to provide a fun and enjoyable platform for everyone to participate in safety and with respect. Content, be it written narrative, photographs or videos, will be viewed and assessed before it goes live on the Small Voice Projects website.

This does not mean that you cannot give a political opinion or upload content shining a light on a situation or circumstances that are in the interests of the public good, such as abuse of people, animals or the planet.

Sensitive Content:  Any harmful images, narrative and messaging such as racist and abusive language, explicit sex & nudity, and self harm will not be allowed.

Deceptive Content: The Small Voice Projects community is one that’s built on trust. Content that intends to: Scam, Mislead, Spam, or Defraud other users will

Misinformation: Any misleading or deceptive content with serious risk of harm will not be allowed. This includes certain types of misinformation that can cause real-world harm, like promoting harmful remedies or treatments, certain types of technically manipulated content, or content interfering with democratic processes.

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