Smush Alert: Keep a Happy File

“It wasn’t what some would call a perfect day, but to her it was special. We had spent the day together just hanging out around the house. Simple things like eating lunch on the deck, soaking up the sunshine and giggling over funny memories. That’s when she whispered a few words as if she were telling herself a secret, “This day is going in my Happy File.”  (Luann Prater)

I saw this story not so long ago in my daily devotions and thought, “Yeah right”.  I wasn’t in a particularly good mood that day it had to be said. The boiler had blown, my book proofs had been held up and I had put my finger in my dog’s poo bag.  But the story did strike a cord.

I can ‘t say I have a ‘Happy File’ though, really that is just too smushy for me and probably far too much work to keep up to date. But I do try of keep record of simple blessings, those moments in time that just make you smile. You know the ones. Times that no one else would get, but when you recall them, you smile and remember the world can’t be all bad.

Photographs are brilliant for that. They are moments in a flash that have made me smile. They are captured on camera and you just know that if you don’t take that shot you will never see anything like it again.

For me, most of these moments happen when I am in a different country, peering into someone else’s world… and I’m thinking, “What in the world?”

I was travelling along side these guys in a minibus doing 50mph and the guy smoking was looking at me as if I was the mad one. (Cambodia, 2006)