Kingdom Storytellers

Having written her own unique story in her debut novel ‘Road to Damascus’, Jazz Shaban went on to set up Small Voice Projects. Being a Disabled person of faith, she was aware that disabled people’s own stories of faith are not only invisible to those around them, but not encouraged by the communities they inhabit.

We are perceived as disabled people, or people of faith, but not as Disabled People of Faith. When these two identities are considered, it is often within a ‘religious cure’ narrative which in neither authentic nor liberating.

Jazz Shaban, Founding Director

If disabled people are to have autonomy over their own stories, amplifying our voice for a just society, there needs to be a shift in the theological and practical approaches within faith communities towards inclusion as well as equipping disabled Believers within those communities to use their unique gifts and talents thereby contributing to a collective witness of a life that is valued.

Kingdom Storytellers is a bi-weekly devotional tool that reflects and challenges a justice-driven and enabling faith community. Starting April 2024 you will be able to download 21 individual bi-weekly devotions as they become available to use personally or in a group setting as and when you need them.

Week 1: Made in God’s Image

Week 2: Challenging Prejudices