Kingdom Storytellers

Kingdom Storytellers is an episodic resource that reflects upon and challenges a justice-driven and enabling faith community. Scroll down to download individual bi-weekly devotions as they become available available in a PDF format or read as a blog for screen readers on Our Stories.

We encourage you to use these personally or in a group setting to inspire discussion and action, and of course share as widely as you want!

We are perceived as disabled people, or people of faith, but not as Disabled People of Faith. When these two identities are considered, it is often within a ‘religious cure’ narrative which in neither authentic nor liberating.

Jazz Shaban
Cambodian group of people: girl sitting in a wheelchair, two women, one elderly and a man, all laughing together.

Week 8: Practicing self-worth, identity and dignity

Decorative wall writing of words representing 'inclusion' by Inclusion London.

Week 7: Inclusion is a matter of justice, not charity

Two Sudanese men. One very tall and one very short

Week 6: Strength in apparent weakness

Black and white ultra sound scan of a human embryo.

Week 5: Is Disability God’s perfect plan?

Week 4: There are no surprises with God

Two Zambian women, one sitting and one standing. Both have walking sticks

Week 3: So Whats Normal Anyway?

Week 2: Challenging Prejudices

Week 1: Made in God’s Image